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Friday, 8 September 2017

WWE Reassessing Company Culture After Success of Mae Young Classic

The popularity of the WWE WOmens titles and the tremendous success of the Mae Young Classic has caused the WWE to reassess its core values, according to recent reports.

Holds a PhD in Economics, made to strip for a
septagenerian on live TV - the WWE everybody!
The promotion has always treated women as either sex objects, objects of male desire, or eye candy, as evidenced by the numerous evening gown and bra & panties matches during and the near constant references to 'puppies' whenever a woman was on screen during the Attitude Era, but since taking a departure from this approach and presenting females with respect and dignity.

"I never imagined that portraying chicks as legitimate athletes with brains and emotions instead of just living barbie dolls to be ogled would be successful, how could I have got it this wrong all these years" said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. "But we have always done it the old way, it's what made us what we are, didn't it?"

"Maybe we aren't really a big man territory after all? Actually that might explain why everybody loved Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and hates HHH and Roman Reigns with the fire of a thousand suns" "and I guess Bret Hart was pretty popular, man I feel bad for the little guys I never gave a fair shot.  I'll make it up to them and get Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit on Raw next week to apologise and give them the credit they deserve"

Other core values McMahon has asked his inner circle to re-evaluate the following core tenets of the company:
- No more than three black wrestlers in the company at any given moment
- Do we really need at least four Hillbilly characters at all times
- Fans love to see members of the McMahon family as often as possible don't they
- Network specials should run a minimum of six hours
- Despite the fans overwhelming love, Cesaro must never receive a headline push

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