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Friday, 8 September 2017

'Sport' With Mostly Adolsecent Male Fans Surprised Womens Tournament Is So Popular

WWE officials have been pleasantly surprised by the viewership for the Mae Young Classic, according to reports this week.  

'Classic' competitor Sarah Logan - in no
way spank bank material for adolescent boys
The Classic, which pits thirty two of the worlds finest female wrestlers against each other in a tournament comes hot on the heels of the success of the WWE UK title tournament. The WWE thought it could produce some easy filler material for the Network by repeating the same format but using nubile women instead of pasty white guys with bad teeth.  As an added bonus, there was the possibility of garnering some mainstream press by using UFC rejects like Shayna Baszler,  and ,they could royally piss off the Fabulous Moolah, Mildred Burke and countless legendary Japanese wrestler by naming it after Mae Young.

Upon seeing the number of views the first two episodes generated, WWE COO, HHH was said to be amazed.  According to sources within the company he was visibly shocked that a product featuring dozens of beautiful, athletic women writhing around with each other would prove so popular with their fans.  Said HHH "Our core audience is males aged 9-17, and I know what that demographic wants - twenty minute monologues at the start of Raw by my wife or her designated lackey, and me, The Game, making a triumphant return every January to hog the tv time in the run up to Wrestlemania".

He continued "I mean, what teenage boy in his right mind would rather watch Toni Storm and Rachel Evers wrestle instead of the Cerebral Assassin?  I guess it's the novelty factor - yep that's it, novelty, it's not me"

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