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Monday, 25 September 2017

Ryback Whining about Having to Work On Christmas

The increasingly irrelevant former WWE "Superstar" Ryback has taken to his podcast to complain yet again about earning a lot of money working your dream job in the global leader in the industry.

This time he was whining about having to work over Christmas and decided to speak for everyone on the roster that he is no longer a part of.

Pictured: desperate, steroid infused athiest
“Whether it was USA [Network]’s idea or Vince [McMahon]’s idea, who knows whose idea it was? But they’re looking at it as a way to make money and the problem with that is you’re dealing with human lives.” Ryback added, “we have all these other days of the year we could run. We could do two tapings the week before. I just feel bad for the guys because they have no choice. No one can say anything there. I guarantee you not one of them wants to be there" before adding;

"Except me of course, I would work Christmas, Easter, Rosh Hashana, Ramadan, Kwanza, you name it, I would put wrestling ahead of any kooky religious shit if Vince would take me back. Oh please take me back! I'm not good enough to work for ROH, New Japan doesn't have any room for more Americans and even I'm not desperate enough for ugh GFW"

hilst he appears unwilling to debase himself by working for the former TNA, he has done the next lowest thing in an effort to sweeten his prospects of getting his job back - by sucking up to the top star.   "I love Roman Reigns" he said, although listeners struggled to hear it through the grinding of Rybacks teeth as he forced the words out past the bile rising in his throat.

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