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Friday, 8 September 2017

Report: Jarrett Demands $100k To Walk Out on GFW

Consumer of Kurt Angles sloppy seconds and founder of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett, has reportedly taken a leave of absence from his position as CEO, Chairman, Head Writer, Receptionist, Janitor and Valet Parking Attendant with the company.

GFW is a wrestling promotion that employs the revolutionary concept of not putting on any wrestling
Be honest, wouldn't you pay
$100k to make this go away?
shows, but seems to exist only to make headlines in the online wrestling press through making increasingly outlandish announcements and purchasing equally disfunctional organisations such as TNA

What impact this will have on the "company" is yet to be revealed, but the prevailing wisdom is that whenever Jarrett leaves anything, it usually spells an uptick in fortunes.  This fact is not lost on Jarret, whom insiders claim tried to use a tactic that worked for him before.

"He remembered holding Vince Mcmahon up for $100k to drop the IC strap before leaving the company in the late 90's and look how that went for WWE" said a close friend of Jeff.  "He figured that if GFW is in such a bad state, his leaving could only improve things so he figure they would pay a pretty penny like Vince did"

GFW have made a counter offer of a 10%  Arby's coupon and 89 cents they found down the back of the couch, which comprises the organisations total assets.

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