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Thursday, 7 September 2017

WWE Issues Cease & Desist Notice to Young Bucks

Aggressive t-short peddlers and occasional NJPW and RoH tag champs The Young Bucks, have been issued with a cease and desist order by the WWE

Said WWE spokesman Bobby Finkelschaub:
Whatever that is, just...stop it, ok?
"While we (the WWE) aren't happy that they are using the DX crotch chop, but that was famous twenty years ago and the WWE does not live in the past or pine for the Attitude era in any way at all. What we are objecting to , in the strongest legal sense, is their very existence. I mean, enough already with this Superkick Party bullshit and their inescapable Twitter feed" He continued

The legal action explicitly demands that the Bucks "stop being so fucking irritating and a little less greasy". In additional narrative to the court, the WWE added "We admire the self promotion abilities of these third rate rockers knock offs, but would it kill them to wash their hair, the grubby little shits. I just want to punch that stupid faces! aaargh"

The Young Bucks have responded as they always do, through their social media feeds, because, millenials.

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