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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Ed Nordholm Explains How Impact Wrestling Differs From WWE

Executive vice president of the inaccurately named Anthem Sports and entertainment, Ed Nordholm, has been speaking about how GFW / Impact differs from the WWE.

“Our tagline is ‘Less Talk More Action.’ It’s a style of wrestling that focuses more on the action in the ring than in the storylines, because we have no writers and none of the wrestlers stay here long enough for us to risk planning a long program.  Also, we like to think we offer fans a more personal
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the impossible
experience, in fact on some of our shows, the ratio of in-ring talent to audience members is close to 1:1, whcih is something the WWE cannot offer while they sell out 20,000 seat arenas.  I would also say that one of the big differences is that the wrestlers we sign are not the type the WWE would look at, or they have looked at and rejected them out of hand, and don't forget that we didn't have to pay Jeff Jarrett a hundred grand before he left - we got that one for free, chew on that Vince!"

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